Electric Tankless Water Heaters
Electric Tankless Water Heaters

PowerStar Whole House Electric Tankless Water Heater

  • 90% efficiency rating
  • Durable poly heating elements
  • Electronic flow switch
  • ¾" brass NPT fittings
  • External temperature control knob
  • Activation rates of .6 gallons per minute (AE115) and .8 gpm (AE125)
  • Filter screen on inlet
  • Thermal cut-out for safety
  • No temperature/pressure relief valve necessary (check local codes)
  • Flow sensor to provide a constant output temperature
Weight20 lbs.22 lbs.
Water Fittings¾" male NPT¾" male NPT
Kilowatts17.25/13 kW26.85/20 kW
US: 2x40 amps
CAN: 1x80 amps
US: 3x40 amps
CAN: 1x120 amps
Wire SizeUS: minimum #8 AWG
(4 conductors & ground)

Canada**: minimum #4 AWG
(2 conductors & ground)
US: minimum #8 AWG (6 conductors & ground)

Canada**: minimum #2 AWG
(2 conductors & ground)

*Recommended service to home for AE115 is 150 amps; 200 amps for AE125.
**In Canada unit must be wired to a single breaker. AE Canada Kit required and included.
Always check local codes.

Maximum Flow Rate at Given Temperature Rise
Average ground water temperature in the United States is 55ºF

45°F temperature rise2.6 gpm4.0 gpm
50°F temperature rise2.3 gpm3.7 gpm
60°F temperature rise2.0 gpm3.0 gpm
70°F temperature rise1.7 gpm2.6 gpm
80°F temperature rise1.5 gpm2.2 gpm
NOTE: The unit will not provide an output temperature above 131°F.
 Fixture TypeAverage Flow (gpm)Average Temp
Shower1.5 - 2.5104ºF
Bathtub2.5 - 4.0102ºF
Washing Machine2.0 - 3.0120ºF
Sink0.8 - 2.0110ºF
PowerStar AE115 & AE125
powerstar ae115 / ae125

Note: Specifications and product information subject to change without notice.